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It is an honor to provide a letter of recommendation for Carrie Long, an instructor of German and English (ESL) at Linguistic Life. She is a skilled teacher with the unique ability to engage her students at all levels of learning.

In 2013, Carrie was engaged to teach beginning/intermediate German to small groups within our organization. I joined a small group of Parts employees eager to learn and better communicate with our German colleagues.

I had taken beginning German previously at our company  but had been disappointed with the instructor who never seemed prepared or on time. In contrast, Carrie had materials at the ready, lessons clearly structured each week, and assignments designed to encourage week-to-week progress. Carrie was also flexible when students were having difficulty with new concepts or grammar. On several occasions, she changed her approach and provided additional materials to ensure our success and progress. The personal benefits from this experience have been enormous.

Given her educational background in both German and Psychology, Carrie is an excellent choice to provide life-long language skills to individuals or groups. I highly recommend her to you.

Karl S.

It is my great pleasure to write this letter of recommendation for Carrie Long, a German language educator at Linguistic Life. I have known Carrie in this capacity since 2013.

Carrie is the primary educator at Linguistic Life, teaching both German and English at all levels. She has taught in both company classroom settings as well as other locations and is capable of providing high-level education in either classroom or individual settings.

Carrie’s excellent command of the languages as well as her professional and well organized approach made learning easy and fun. I’ve studied some languages in college, but nothing can come close to the exceptional methods employed by Carrie. Her approach is both unique and highly rewarding.

I would absolutely recommend Carrie to any person or organization looking to have a highly motivated language instructor lead them or their teams through the difficult process of learning a new language.

Craig H.

I am pleased to provide this reference letter for Carrie Long, a current teacher of German and English at Linguistic Life.  I have known Carrie in this capacity since 2013.

Carrie is responsible for teaching English and German at various levels,  from basic to advanced, including company classes at various locations. She teaches in both individual and group settings.

Carrie’s excellent command of the subjects and her ability to address the needs of each student makes her an outstanding professional in the field of teaching. Being very organized in the classroom and always striving for something extra makes Carrie a teacher who is always able to maintain high standards of education.

It should also be noted that Carrie actively participates in extracurricular activities that she organizes for children and adult students. These activities give the students the opportunity to learn a foreign language in an enjoyable and productive way.

Carmita A.

I am happy to recommend Carrie Long as a language instructor.  I have known Carrie for about 5 years and have nothing but good things to say.  There is no doubt in my mind that Carrie will be an excellent addition to your language education needs.
Carrie is an excellent instructor who utilizes many teaching techniques that are effective, fun and challenging.  I also enjoyed her infectiously positive energy and always left the class in a great mood.
I highly recommend Carrie; she would make a great asset to any organization.
James T.

I would like to recommend Carrie Long for your future German need language learning needs. Carrie started teaching me German in 2013 and has demonstrated the highest standards of education.

Carrie has taught various classes of different skill levels at VWGoA for the past several years.  One thing I really enjoyed about our class was the group format.  I always looked forward to our class on a weekly basis because Carrie made each session a fun and engaging experience using real life examples in her teachings.

I would highly recommend Carrie to other people and/or businesses that need German language training.  Her expertise in the German language and training has helped improve our communication and relationships with colleagues overseas.

Kind regards,

Curt B.

I am very pleased to provide a letter of recommendation for Carrie Long, German instructor at Linguistic Life.  I have taken instruction from Carrie since 2014 and have enjoyed her class and her approach to teaching the German language.  Carrie has an excellent command of the German language and brings it to the level of her students; from Beginner to Advanced.

I can honestly say that I never left her class without learning something, but more importantly, I was very encouraged by her positive reinforcement to each of her students.  She is interested in her students, in their goals, and in their lives.  Each of us have a busy work schedule, but I didn’t want to miss class, even if I felt I was unprepared.

I am continually impressed by Carrie’s resourcefulness in finding ways to provide materials and media as aids in and out of the classroom for her students.  She is constantly looking for quality material that will help her students.  I was provided with various types of material and online information that allowed me to study using various types of media.  How easy is it to study right from your computer or phone when you are in a waiting room?

Without question, if I was to recommend a German instructor, Carrie Long would be my absolute first choice. I have had one other German instructor, and while she was good, Carrie exceeded all my expectations in a n instructor.  She isn’t just “doing a job”, she possesses a  desire to teach and see her students learn.

Thank you,

Janice S.